Top 5 Movies that made you think

For this week’s top 5 episode Jonathan and Jake sat down and discussed their picks for the top 5 movies that made you think.

Most movies will make you think about them after the credits roll. Often you’ll be filled with a false sense of grandeur about what you’ve just witnessed and will quickly include it among your favorite movies. However like everything else that newness wears off, it’s faults start to show, and eventually it’s just another movie with all the rest.

On a rare occasion though you’ll come across a movie that is truly special. It’ll have a plot or setting that resonates with you and you find yourself coming back to it. You put yourself in the character(s)’ shoes and question what you would’ve done or how you’d adapt to the setting of the film. These movies are something else and for many are the reason we watch movies at all, just hoping to find a gem.

For this list we explored the movies that have stuck with us throughout the years. Some of them for their oddity, others for how perfect they portray human nature, but all of them for how they allowed us to lose ourselves in their story for awhile.

Jonathan’s List

5) Dogtooth
4) Defending your life
3) Groundhog Day
2) Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
1) Compliance

Jake’s List

5) Room
4) The Matrix
3) Inception
2) Fury
1) The thin red line

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Fantastic 4

We’re finishing super hero month with a flop to end all flops, the 2015 reboot of Fantastic 4! Quite possibly the worst film we’ve watched so far with without a doubt the thinnest plot possible. Why is everyone such an asshole to Reed? Why is Ben (the only non “scientist”) part of the team at all? Is Ben simply continuing a cycle of child abuse? and seriously what is Doctor Doom’s motivation at all?

We’re left with more questions than answers as we power through this reboot that may have been better off left alone. Remember: Sometimes dead is better.


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Suicide Squad


For this episode the gang sat down and watched the critically thrashed “Suicide Squad“. We discussed the movie’s pros, it’s cons, and it’s convicts. Does this movie really deserve it’s sad 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Where’s the Joker that we saw so much in the promotional footage? and did they really think they had anyone fooled with the character Slipknot?

We give an honest review of the film along with having our resident DC fanboy Alex weigh in on how accurate the film is to the comics/ DC universe.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice

This week Jonathan, Jake, and Alex were joined by Jazmin (Jonathan’s wife) to discuss the underwhelming Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice.

Did Superman forget he had powers when he took on Batman? Did his conversation with Lois Lane have to take place in their bathroom while she was completely nude? Did we need a two and a half hour run time complete with ANOTHER Batman origin story? and why the hell did they stop fighting just because their moms share the same first name? #Marthalivesmatter

All this and more on this week’s episode of At Least You Tried…

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Mortal Kombat

In this week’s episode Jonathan and Anthony are joined by guests Tyler and Casey. Together the group takes on (one at a time of course) Mortal Kombat!

Is Johnny Cage really so concerned with his image he’ll join a tournament to the death to prove he’s not “faking it”? How did Johnny escape the netherworld after he kills Scorpion? ¬†and Did Christopher Lambert smoke 2 packs of Kamels a day to prepare for this role? All these will be answered (or not) on this week’s episode.

A flawless victory… eh not so much.

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Top 5 Practical Effects

This week Jonathan and Anthony sat down and discussed their picks for top 5 practical effects. Is the art of practical effects and animatronics dead with the dawn of computer graphics? What examples of practical effects will stand the test of time? What movies today still put the time and effort into crafting practical effects?

Jonathan’s List

5) Head explosion scene from Scanners
4) T-Rex jeep attack from Jurassic Park
3) Nazi face melt from Raiders of the lost ark
2) Levitating up the walls/ Blood fountain bed from A nightmare on Elm Street
1) Chest bursting alien from Alien

Anthony’s List

5) Morgue tech’s death from Friday the 13th: The final chapter
4) Audrey II from Little shop of horrors
3) Tar man from Return of the living dead
2) Captain Rhodes death from Day of the dead
1) The fly transformation from David Cronenberg’s The Fly

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