The Happytime Murders

Every once in awhile here on At Least You Tried we’re gifted with a movie we all actually enjoyed… I just never expected that movie to be The Happytime Murders. Happytime is a weird premise of a movie where humans and puppets live side by side. Directed by son of famed Muppets creator, Jim Henson, this movie is crude in every sense of the word. You’ll see puppets have sex, do drugs, commit murders (as the title would suggest) and while it may seem dumb it actually got some genuine laughs from all of us here. That’s not to say it’s a masterpiece, if it was it wouldn’t be on this show. It’s just a fun, short movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously and honestly sometimes that’s just exactly what you need.

(Jonathan’s note: I apologize for the delay in our regular episodes. A few of us have been going through issues in our personal lives that have kinda got in the way. We’re going to be more regular from here on in though)

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