Hider in the house

Every once in awhile you get to see excellence. You get to see lightning caught in a bottle and can bask in it’s beauty… This isn’t that exactly but it’s as close as we get with the bad movies watched here on At Least You Tried. This week we watched a lesser known gem called “Hider in the house”

Now before we go any further I’d to play a game. What’s your greatest fear? Did you answer “Someone breaching a place I once thought safe”? Maybe you said “A vicious predator with giant teeth” or possibly even nailed it on the head and said “Gary Busey”…. Well this movie has all three and it’s a crazy crazy ride.

Gary Busey once again graces our podcast as Tom Sykes, a man recently released from a mental institution (Put there for burning his parents alive) and in desperate need of a place to live. Mr. Sykes then gets the brilliant idea to visit a home being constructed and create a secret room in the attic for him to live in. With digs like this Tom wastes no time and makes himself right at home. A nice family moves in and Tom eats their food, steals their stuff, and even bugs their intercom system.

It’s then that Old Tom lays eyes on the beautiful mom Julie and decides he wants so much more. He wants this family to be his and he’ll stop at nothing to get it. I won’t spoil the movie but out of EVERYTHING we’ve watched here on the podcast this might very well be the one I most highly recommend.

Still not convinced? This is the first movie I’ve picked in ages that Alex has enjoyed and even gave it a 5/5. Do yourself a favor and track this film down, it’s a modern classic in garbage cinema.

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The Dark Backward

The Dark Backward is strange film to say the least. Even the name doesn’t really mean anything in the context of the movie. It’s about Marty, a trash man by day and failed stand up comedian by night. In this David Lynch-esque world he lives in, it doesn’t even seem that trash man are a necessity considering how dirty and disgusting everything is everywhere. He picks up trash in one scene with his buddy Gus, played by the always charismatic Bill Paxton, and the trash is just overwhelming. The streets look like landfills.

Marty eventually starts to grow a third arm on his back as people naturally do. Marty’s girl splits and Gus sees this as the opportunity to cash in on this freak limb and incorporate it into Marty’s comedy act. Wayne Newton becomes their talent agent, but Marty is still not funny.

This movie is really carried by the ridiculous and disturbing antics of Bill Paxton, namely necrophilia and SSBBW action. If you’re in the mood for some surreal weirdness, then watch this movie.

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