Stay Tuned

This week on At Least You Tried we watched a devilishly good little film called “Stay Tuned” John Ritter plays couch potato Roy Knable, a man suckered into owning a demonic TV set by Jeffrey Jones and subsequently sucked into it’s programs along with his wife. This movie has it all:

-Eugene Levy playing a smart ass demon with a heart of gold
-Sinister parodies of classic tv shows and movies
-Jeffrey Jones getting the comeuppance he so deserves (The man was convicted of owning child porn and soliciting a minor, he is complete trash and deserves to be chemically castrated)

For those interested in this film…. good luck finding it. It isn’t on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. You’re only going to find it on RARE VHS or by watching it in full on Youtube. Seriously though, it is a fun movie and if you’re the type to host bad movie nights this should definitely be playing at your next party.

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