Watching bad movies week in and week out can really bum you out if you let it. Sometimes you really just need a pallet cleanser, a good movie to remind you that not everything is trash, or at least that trash can be fun. So for this week we did just that, we watched the classic horror anthology Creepshow. It was Matt and Lance’s first viewing of the film and while it isn’t a perfect movie, it’s always a cheesy fun watch.

Whether it’s Stephen King‘s over the top acting as a backwoods farmer, Leslie Nielsen showing us that he can be downright intimidating, thousands of cockroaches stacked waist high, or yeti creatures in crates eating despicable people Creepshow is a movie unlike any other. If you haven’t seen it yet, honestly this one is worth the $3 it would cost you to stream it. Hell make a night of it and watch the second one too…. Just don’t watch the third. We’re just gonna pretend that one never existed.

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