my uncle the alien

My uncle: The alien

This week we were treated to a movie that not many people are aware of, a little known masterpiece of trash titled “My uncle the alien“. This movie is so unknown that we couldn’t even find a wikipedia article on it. Matt was lucky enough though to find a screener copy at a local good will and we were blessed with this awful movie.

The movie follows the presidents daughter Kelly as she tries to help save a local community center (It’s a trope for a reason) and subsequently gets herself kidnapped by two criminals that make the wet bandits from Home Alone looks like Mensa members. A no good ruffian with a heart of gold named Zig decides to help Kelly and together they work to thwart the criminals…. oh yeah and there’s an alien in the movie for all of like 3 minutes.

This movie treats the titular alien like an after thought. He in the opening 30 seconds talking to Kelly and then absent for the rest of the movie only to resurface at the VERY END to help her escape criminals. The movie in between isn’t completely terrible. There’s a fight between two handicapped orphans used as a distraction, we see the president has multiple desk phones, and we find out that wax museums are completely abandoned during the week making them great spots for crime.

Much like an actual alien this movie is a “Seeing is believing kind of experience” I recommend you track down a copy (If you can) and give it a watch.

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