Street Fighter

Street Fighter (100th episode celebration)

The time is finally here! This week on At Least You Tried we celebrate our 100th episode by going back to our roots and watching Street Fighter. Way back when we first started the podcast we tried to do an episode on this amazing movie but due to technical issues at the time we were unable to put the episode up and it couldn’t be salvaged. Thankfully we’re going to rectify that and finally give Street Fighter the episode it deserves.

This movie puts Mortal Kombat to shame when it comes to including EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER. If a character appeared in the game by god they’re going to make an appearance in this movie! The plot centers around Col. Guile (played by Jean-Claude Van Damme) a military leader who is intent on stopping the corrupt dictator M. Bison (Raul Julia) from bringing the world to it’s knees and killing off political hostages. The movie more or less follows the plot of the game not that that’s saying much. It’s a campy piece of 90’s nostalgia and honestly some of Raul Julia’s best work in my opinion. Sadly this would also be his last film. Raul was dying of cancer at the time but didn’t want anyone to know, playing his role and trying not to let on how sick he was.

The movie is one of the better video game adaptations that has aged fairly well all thing considered.  If you haven’t seen it we highly encourage you to do so and join us as we celebrate 100 episodes down and hopefully many more to come. Thank you very much from all of us here at At Least You Tried for listening. It means a lot to us. Also a very special thank you to all the people who have been here since DAY ONE!

(Side note: Starting with this episode we’re introducing a new theme song from Ray Tango AKA Matt. Show him some love and check out more of his music at

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