The year. 1989. The world was seeing the close of the greatest and most influential decade of all time. What better way to send off an era than with a little Swayze craziness we like to call the Road House?

This week’s pick belongs to Lance, but with a strong suggestive influence from Matt. Neither Lance nor Jonathan had seen this gem before, but Matt grew up watching this in full VHS glory. This cinematic gold is the pinnacle in fun, but enjoyable movie trash.

Road House brings it all to the table: Monster trucks, enough boob scenes to make your kid cover his eyes the whole damn movie, Swayze throat ripping Mortal Kombat fatality moves, drunken bar brawls, and poetic one liners like “Pain Don’t Hurt”.

Go ahead and make this movie your next “Saturday night thing”. Just be careful not watch it with a man that “used to fuck guys like you in prison” or Brad Wesley will make you his “bleeder”.

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