It’s not often that a movie we watch for this podcast can remind us so much of our favorite movies.  That is the case with Alex’s pick for this week, a Netflix exclusive called Naked starring Marlon Wayans which Jonathan insists is the spiritual successor to Groundhog Day.

The movie is about a substitute teacher named Rob, played by Wayans, who slacks his way through life not giving too much effort to anything… That is until he is stuck repeating the same hour time and time again. He only has an hour until his wedding day, his father in law hates him, there’s a plot against him, and he’s naked inside of a hotel elevator.

I honestly expected NOTHING from this movie and thought it was Alex was just trolling us, I have never been so wrong. The movie was not only enjoyable but possibly one of the best things we’ve watched. The parallels between it and Groundhog Day are clear and its definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan of that film. While it’s no classic, it’s definitely worth an hour and a half of your time and that’s the best we can ask from any of these movies.

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