This week on At Least You Tried we watched Phantasm, a cult classic to most/ one of the worst things we’ve watched according to Alex. No matter where you fall on the merits of the movie the plot alone makes it perfect for the podcast.

A local boy and his brother find out that the towns mortician, an incredibly tall and inhumanly strong man, is digging up the dead and reanimating them. However he isn’t using these zombies for evil per se. Instead he is compressing them down to dwarf size and shipping them off to his home planet as slaves. Also for no real reason that’s ever explained he has giant floating silver balls that chase after people and drill into their faces.

The movie did financially really well and spawned multiple sequels that are honestly just as campy as the original and recycle most of the original cast. If campy b horror movies from the late seventies is something you’re into I highly recommend giving Phantasm a watch.

Also the countdown to episode 100 is upon us. We’re at episode 92 officially and plan on a big event for #100. Details to follow

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