cyborg 2

Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow

This week on At Least You Tried we watched the little known gem Cyborg 2, one of the first starring roles for Angelina Jolie.¬† The movie is a mix between your average¬†dystopian story of people escaping the system a la “The Matrix” or “Blade Runner” meets the story of a man and machine falling in love (Though poorly in this movie) like in the movie “Her“.

The movie includes multiple notable parts that make it stand though including:

– A bounty hunter that is undoubtedly based on David Bowie
– A fight scene under a boat where the propeller is a weapon
– An ever present computer program(?) named mercy that likes to jump into scenes with clever quips
– An uncensored sex scene between our main character and Angelina Jolie as a cyborg

To be honest I didn’t expect to like this film but once again Matt picked a winner, so kudos Matt. It’s super campy while still having some great fight scenes and dialogue, definitely worth a watch.

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