Highlander 2: The Quickening

Greetings from Planet Zeist! When you think of the Highlander franchise you probably think of swords, Scotsmen, and “There can only be one!” but I bet you don’t think about aliens. Well in Highlander 2 you get exactly that…. Well depending on what version you watch. You see the producers realized the mistakes they made with continuity¬† (and there are A LOT) and quickly altered the original version of this movies to take out all the references to the Highlander and Ramirez being from a different planet. Well we here at At Least You Tried won’t stand for that and we went to GREAT LENGTHS to find the original version of this movie NO JOKE. Matt bought 2 laser disc players, a dvd collection, and eventually a VHS copy of the movie just to find the original version but I’d like to say it was worth it.

This movie includes many great scenes worth experiencing such as:
– The main villain Katana sending two porcupine haired henchmen after our titular Highlander, both of which cackle in high pitched annoying laughs
-Katana hijacks a subway, raises the speed to over 400 mph and kills everyone on the train
– The Highlander removes a forcefield around the earth by just stepping into it’s generators core.

I would suggest you find this movie and watch it but as we’ve stated it’s kinda hard to find but if you can find the original it’s definitely worth¬† a watch.

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