Mac and Me

Mac and Me

This weeks episode is brought to you by Mcdonalds, Skittles, and Coca Cola! Wait… No that’s not right. No this week on At Least You Tried we lost once again and were forced to watch Mac and Me, a 90 minute “E.T.” rip off that’s nothing more than thinly veiled product placement. However, despite going into this movie expecting the absolute worst we came out with something that almost resembled a fun movie. This movie comes complete with:

  • A child plummets off a cliff in his wheelchair into the ravine below
  • A hip hop birthday party at Mcdonalds where Mac the alien wears a costume resembling a skinned bear
  • Aliens are brought back to life due to the medicinal properties of Coke Classic
  • Those same aliens are involved in a SWAT team incident involving one of the aliens accidentally brandishing a pistol
  • …. And then those same aliens are sworn in as US citizens because they bring a kid back to life with alien magic or something

The movie makes zero sense but it’s that bat shit insanity that makes it so enjoyable. The entire movie is available on Youtube so there is no reason not to watch this one.

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