baby geniuses 2

Baby Geniuses 2: Super Babies

You play the game long enough and you’re bound to lose eventually… Boy did we lose hard today. This week luck wasn’t on our side and we were stuck watching Baby Geniuses 2: Super Babies.

The movie is a loose sequel to the first movie in the series where a group of babies are led by a mythical immortal baby name Kahuna. Together they must stop an evil madman named Biscane (who’s also Kahuna’s long lost brother) who wants to control the world using a mind controlling television program. As is a trend with movies we watch this movie has a low score on IMDB and Meta Critic (2/10 and 9% respectively) and only managed to gross around 9 million dollars on a 20 million dollar budget.

The movie is nothing special. It’s got awkward CG mouthed babies, a weird plot that involves WW2 research, and babies whose super powers run on imagination. I wouldn’t suggest you give this a watch… well unless you hate yourself, then feel free.

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