Man with the screaming brain

We finished up March madness with Lance’s pick of Bruce Campbell in “Man with the screaming brain“. Bruce directed, wrote, and starred in this fun B movie. This movie is unlike the majority of the films we review in that it is intentionally a little cheesy. It’s campy and over the top and we love it for it.

Bruce plays a wealthy business man who is almost murdered but saved from death when a mad scientist combines his brains with a Russian taxi driver’s. The duo work together to find out what happened to them and get revenge on quite possibly the best movie villain we’ve seen. There are plenty of stabbings ahead.

This movie has it all. It has:
-Bruce Campbell (Reason enough really)
-A psychopathic woman who goes from zero to fatal attraction in the blink of an eye
-A female robot straight out of “I feel fantastic
-A dead body that shoots down a river like it was a log flume ride

Not a bad movie really and definitely one we here at At Least You Tried highly recommend, do yourself a favor and watch Man with the screaming brain.


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