Vampires kiss

Vampire’s Kiss

What movie could possibly provide a crazier Nick Cage than “The Wicker Man“? Oh you simple ignorant fool…. Clearly you haven’t seen his early work in a little film called “Vampire’s Kiss

Well this month on At Least You Tried we are celebrating March Madness by watching films about crazy people.  In Vampire’s kiss Cage plays Peter Loew, a publishing executive that thinks he’s turning into a vampire.

In this wonderful little movie you will be treated to:

  • Cage running down a crowded street screaming “I’m a vampire! I’m a vampire!”
  • Cage yelling at his secretary and chasing her around an office
  • Cage buying cheap plastic fangs and wearing them as if they were genuine.
  • An amazing “bat attack” from the bat’s perspective
  • An explanation of how filing works, complete with Cage screaming the alphabet (picking up on a trend?)

This movie is an instant classic and the source of one of the internet’s longest lasting memes. I can think of no better film to start March Madness with than Vampire’s Kiss.

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