This month we’re going to be watching movies with stars that aren’t normally actors. It’ll be a month of athletes and musicians trying their hand (and failing) at being movie stars. We could think of no better film to start this month off with than the super hero film Steel starring Shaquille O’Neal.

The movie has Shaq as John Henry Irons an ex military weapons specialist who finds out the technology he helped create is making it’s way onto the streets and is being used for crime. John decides to stop this crime by becoming Steel the armored super hero. All of this sounds pretty awesome until you realize that the villain is the rebellious teen from The Breakfast Club¬†and that his super powered hammer is really only a glorified gun. Not once does he hit something with that hammer.

That aside Steel is an enjoyable ride, though not in the way it’s creators intended, and was a fun watch for us. It had some comical villain deaths, a dog Alex actually liked, and prompted “Grandma’s Souffle!” to be a thing for which we’re all grateful.

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