Boss Baby

The Boss Baby

So after a brief hiatus we’re back wrapping up the worst of 2017 with The Boss Baby. The movie itself is not the worst thing we’ve watched but DAMN is it a generic movie. The plot, dialogue, and character development are very by the books and we found ourselves predicting what was going to happen almost word for word at times. That being said we do have a few questions, such as:

– What kind of corporation creates a new kind of puppy, complete with it’s own release day?

-If the other babies the “Boss baby” worked with were dumb normal babies why did he work with them?

– We know our narrator has an overactive imagination, is the whole movie possibly one big imaginary day dream?

We wrap up the year with this dud of a film but can’t wait to show you what we have planned for 2018. Lots of new content is on it’s way in the coming year as well as some movies we held off on reviewing to save for a special occasion (Looking at you episode 100). To all the fans, listeners, and people that just put up with us on a weekly basis thanks for supporting At Least You Tried…

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