Dracula 3000

Dracula 3000

Rounding out this Halloween season we watched our final “horror” movie set in space, Dracula 3000. It’s…. Dracula in space!

This movie has it all, it’s got: Vampire Coolio, a co captain that is randomly discovered to be a robot and then a sex bot, and most importantly an old timey Dracula in a futuristic space environment. Now you may be misled by the cover to think that our vampire may be some type of hybrid high tech vampire with wires coming out of it’s face…. yeah it’s none of those. We instead get a Dracula straight of the original vampire tradition, complete with poofy cape and shirt frills.

The movie ends in spectacular fashion. Does the team survive the vampire attack? What becomes of Dracula? Seriously do yourself a favor and watch this movie. It may just be the most fun bad film we’ve watched.

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