New vs old: Stephen King’s IT

More often than not movie reboots leave us with disappointing results. We get movies coming out 20+ years after their predecessors and despite all advances in film and technology the reboots often can’t hold a candle to the original.

However, on a rare occasion we’re treated to a reboot that decides not to just rehash the same story but instead to reinterpret that material and go a different way. In this way these movies can be night and day of each other and the results can be amazing, giving us something new while reminding us where it came from.

Today Jake, Anthony, and Jonathan got together to discuss Stephen King’s IT in all it’s adaptations. How does the new movie compare to the TV mini series and the book? What was great about it? Where did it fall short? It was a fun episode to create.


old (Why is Tim Curry 11th listed?)

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American Psycho 2

Everyone gets their start somewhere, and the road to success isn’t always easy. Between her roles as Jackie (That 70’s Show) and Meg (Family Guy), and long after he was the “Beloved” Captain Kirk, William Shatner and Mila Kunis worked alongside each other in the originally stand alone, straight to video “psycho thriller” American Psycho 2.

If you love be borderline ham acting, heavily disguised accents, and a sexy coed side story, then we have the movie for you. A Morgan Freeman original (no relation) join us as we dive into a movie that teaches the importance of sacrifice and tenacity. And that if you have goals and a plan, not even death can stop you.

(Editor’s note: Special thanks to Tori for writing the synopsis for today’s episode)

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Maximum Overdrive

We made you! WE MADE YOU!

It’s not every movie that can combine killer trucks, comets, Emilio Estevez, and a soundtrack done entirely by AC/DC…. Not every movie is Maximum Overdrive.

Stephen King is a master of horror. He is an accomplished author and screen writer. However he is no director and this movie, his only directing credit, shows that perfectly. Rumor has it that Stephen King has no recollection of directing this movie because he was so coked out of his mind at the time.

-Killer soda machines
-Possessed carving knives
-Ice cream trucks on the prowl for children
-MAC trucks that plow into people and have a vendetta against a gas station

Prepare yourself for Maximum Overdrive

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