blank check

Blank Check

So this movie proved to be a divisive pick to say the least. To some of us Blank Check is a classic from our childhoods but to Alex this is “The fifth worst movie we’ve seen so far”. He even went as far as to list them.

To be fair though this movie isn’t perfect. The plot is super simplistic and the cost of items he bought are not realistic in the slightest but that’s really part of the charm. Everyone has at one point or another daydreamed about what it would be like to be rich, for most of us Blank Check is as close as we’re ever going to get to being filthy rich.

Jake brought up a good point during our viewing of this movie, “How is Preston carrying around all this money?” We see our hero load up a backpack with cash at the start of the movie. A million dollars in hundreds (According to Jake math and the internet) is still over a hundred pounds, which is probably more than Preston can schlep around all movie. But if you pay attention he has bundled 5s handed to him as well (Seriously who bundles 5s? What is this Monopoly?) If that was the case this backpack would weigh close to a literal ton. Maybe this movie wasn’t meant for analytical adults.

So suspend adult skepticism and embrace this childhood classic with you rose tinted glasses intact. ┬áThis is a film that is fun if you just don’t take it , or yourself, too seriously.

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