The island of dr moreau

The island of Dr. Moreau (1996)

Every once in awhile a film comes around that becomes notorious for how bad it is. Having a nightmare production and an egotistical cast did not help this film’s reputation. The final result is hodgepodge film that makes little sense but is at least pretty to look at.

The story of Richard Stanley’s “The island of Dr. Moreau” is one of legend. Marlon Brando would make ridiculous demands just to simply see what he could get away with. He also didn’t learn his lines and had to use an earpiece in scenes and have them fed to him (At one point causing some trouble when it accidentally picked up a police scanner). Richard Stanley wasn’t much better. He had a huge vision for the film but as troubles arose he became stressed and reclusive. It’s said that he would hide on set and walk into the jungle, slowing production immensely. He was fired four days into production and replaced with John Frankenheimer.

For such a huge production there were many changes that would happen day to day. Actors would undergo hours of make up only to be told that they wouldn’t be needed for any scenes. Actors switched roles, Small roles were made larger at Mr. Brando’s request… The entire process was a cluster fuck to say the least.

The original inspiration for watching this movie is the documentary “Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr Moreau

Do yourself a favor and give this documentary a watch as it is MUCH more recommended than the film’s focus.

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