Power Rangers (2017)

This week on At Least You Tried we watched… A good movie?! Yes it’s true, by sheer coincidence we actually watched a good movie this week. We sat down and watched the Power Rangers reboot expecting it to be a trash fire like the Ghostbusters reboot but to everyone’s surprise it was actually pretty ok.

For a reboot this movie took a lot of chances and they actually paid off. It had a darker tone and each of the Rangers had issues in their personal lives that fleshed them out as characters. The blue ranger has Autism and shows how he struggles with social situations but overcomes these and becomes a key member of the team. The yellow ranger is a lesbian but it is brought up organically and it isn’t used to sexualize her in any way, just another part of her character.

The movie isn’t perfect but the pros outweigh the cons and if you can get past the blatant Krispy Kreme product placement get your nostalgia on and give the movie a try.

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Top 5 Documentaries part 1

This week Jonathan, Anthony, and Cat got together to discuss our picks for the top 5 documentaries. It was a great discussion and with there being so many great documentaries it’s a topic we’ll most likely return to at some point.

With us all being documentary enthusiasts and having diverse interests there was little crossover and it lead to all of us leaving with multiple new films to check out. Hopefully hearing about these films interests you to go check them out yourselves.

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The Room

In celebration of our 50th episode we decided that there was no better film to use for this milestone episode than Tommy Wiseau‘s masterpiece “The Room

This film has been torn apart many times before and has become a cult film gaining immense popularity over the years. It even was played multiple years in a row by Adult Swim as an April fools prank.

It was also Jake’s first time seeing the film and we have a little rule around here: “If anyone says that they haven’t seen The Room we will stop what we’re doing and play the film”. That’s the rule and thems the breaks.

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