Left Behind (2014)

This week on “At Least You Tried” the entire gang showed up to review a little film called The Core…. However then this pesky little rapture happened and only lowly sinners Jonathan and Jake were left behind. It seems only appropriate that instead we review the 2014 Nicolas Cage trainwreck Left Behind.

A movie about the rapture of God’s favorite creations and Nicholas Cage isn’t one of them? Immediately we know this is a fantasy film. Also could we have possibly sexualized the flight attendant character Hattie any more? How is it that out of ALL the children in the world, not one of them is evil? and when has GameStop EVER had a 50% off sale?

This film has a 2% on Rotten Tomatoes and while that may be undeserved it isn’t a great movie by any stretch of the imagination. It is just unremarkable and forgettable, which is probably what the actors involved want in the end.

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Ewoks: The battle for Endor

May the 4th be with you! To celebrate the holiday we here at At Least You Tried watched a little known Star Wars gem called Ewoks: The battle for Endor.

Remember a made for TV movie where the Ewoks help a brother and sister find their parents after becoming stranded on the forest moon of Endor? Well this isn’t that movie. This is the wonderfully campy sequel that came out a year after it.

Do you adore the Ewoks but wish they spoke perfect English? Done
Looking for lovable Wilford Brimley? We got him.
Want to see him fight an Ogre with a stick? Got that too.
Do you want to see a child lose her family and show no emotion whatsoever? Man you’re cruel… well it’s in this movie too because you know this is a family movie.

Also there’s a “sexy” witch that confuses a battery for a weapon because this is Star Wars which is totally known for magic.

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