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We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story

Sometimes people remember movies very fondly and gloss over it’s errors riding high on their nostalgia. Some here at At Least You Tried had this happen with We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story, insisting this movie was great without having seen it recently (Rhymes with Jake). Well after seeing it this week….Meh

The movie isn’t the worst we’ve seen but it definitely isn’t GOOD

For starters why are herbivore dinosaurs eating hotdogs? Why is cereal the plot device that makes our heroes smart? and could we make our villain any more villainous? He’s a spooky magician that only talks about fear and signs blood contracts (no joke) with children.

This movie also hasn’t aged well. Where as your average Disney film has a plot that stays with you years after you’ve seen it We’re Back! has the loosest of plots that involves getting dinosaurs to a museum but also orphans that want to join the circus and a radio that hears the wishes of children?

Much like the dinosaurs in this film, this movie might just be best left in the past.

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