It should be abundantly clear at this point that us here at At Least You Tried don’t like ourselves… That is the only logical explanation for why we willingly watched Foodfight!. Most of us have seen this “movie” multiple times. We clearly hate ourselves.

Where to begin? This movie is the biggest bomb we’ve ever reviewed, not just because it’s trash but also this movie was doomed financially from the start. The computer the movie was being created on was stolen decently far into it’s development and they had no back ups at all. Rather than just call it quits they decided to start over from scratch and redo EVERYTHING. I mean why wouldn’t you when you have a film that is guaranteed Oscar bait like Foodfight? In the end this film cost them $45,000,000 to make and made under $75,000.

All that aside, this film is an exercise in insanity. An adventure in a grocery store where all the brand icons you know and love have to team up to stop the evil “Brand X” products from taking over the store. The premise is simple enough but it goes off the deep end when you factor in that this film includes:
– A Brand X icon that is simply just a woman who dresses in fetish gear.
– Multiple adult references and innuendo using food puns
– No joke Nazi references. No hyperbole, no joke Nazi references. We get goose stepping Brand X goons that say they want to get rid of “Inferior brands” all while wearing Nazi uniforms with an X instead of a swastika

This really is a seeing is believing experience so join us this week as we repeatedly ask ourselves “How did this possibly get approved?” and sit down and watch Foodfight!

Foodfight! stars Charlie Sheen, Wayne Brady, Hilary Duff, and Eva Longoria.

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