Bee Movie

Bee Movie

I’m a Bee!

With possibly the strangest plot of any movie we’ve done so far, we’re going to start off a month of animated films with Bee Movie. It’s one part rom com and one part courtroom drama, this movie doesn’t know what it wants to Bee.

The return of Jerry Seinfeld to the public eye, this movie was supposed to Bee a smash hit and they put 150 million behind it. However, unsurprisingly it flopped and they lost a lot of money on this movie. So why did it flop?

Well elephant in the room here: How is Vanessa, a human female, attracted to a bee? How does that work? How can you expect a long relationship when he’s a bee with a tiny lifespan? and do they have sex? What would that entail?
…This movie is a mess

Bee/ Human relationships and shaky plots aside, this movie is plagued with issues. It has a ton of big name stars that aren’t really used in any capacity. It was almost like they were throwing money at big name voice actors to come in and say two lines only to then disappear from the movie. Also it’s tone was really off for a movie aimed at children. Jokes about jazz and drag queens, as well as not so subtle references to slavery and gas chambers are bound to go unrecognized by kids.

Make your own judgments though and join us this week as we dive into the limitless bounty of awful jokes and bee puns that Bee Movie provides. Come see what all the buzz is about.

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