Soul Plane

A large number of people are afraid of flying and we here at At Least You Tried hope at least a fraction of them view Soul Plane as the horror film it clearly is meant to be.

This week on At Least You Tried we continue our month of Alex picks with a movie that no one asked for… Soul Plane.

Why is it that Kevin Hart‘s character is screwed over by a airline and he is awarded 100 million dollars but when Mo’Nique straight up rapes a man at a TSA checkpoint he doesn’t see a dime? Is it an ongoing trope that Alex’s picks for movies ALL include multiple poop jokes? (spoiler alert: They all do) Also, Why is it that Snoop Dogg‘s character would pick a career as a pilot when he’s terrified of heights?

Let’s be honest, not a single one of these will be answered but what did you really expect?

(Side note: Jonathan is convinced this movie is in the same movie universe as Mac & Devin go to high school, any other believers?)

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Alex gets subtle revenge on all of us again with his pick this week: Littleman.

Another trash movie that did really well in the theaters for some reason Littleman is nothing if not surprising.

How is it that NO ONE notices that this little person criminal is not actually a toddler? Are we completely passing over the fact that he has tattoos and a “scar from a knife fight”? ¬†Also who thinks it’s ok to play full contact football with a toddler? and how is finding a diamond in a poop filled diaper romantic?

This movie is a mess, but misery loves company here at ALYT so join us as we question our life choices that led us here and watch Littleman.


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This week on At Least You Tried we watched Norbit, not the start of Eddie Murphy‘s downfall but a clear sign of it. There are MANY things wrong with this movie but for brevity’s sake here are a few that we couldn’t ignore

-Eddie Murphy plays an openly racist Chinese man with a whaling fascination
– Young Norbit and Kate poop together while looking longingly in each other’s eyes (No joke, that made it into the movie)
– Eddie Murphy in a fat suit as Rasputia has sex with Norbit (Also Eddie Murphy) while she is dressed as a slave in shackles and he is dressed as Abraham Lincoln to celebrate president’s day

and possibly the most outrageous THIS MOVIE MADE ALMOST 100 MILLION DOLLARS. How did it achieve this? Well your guess is as good as mine.

Join us this week as we chew this movie apart but don’t worry we saved you the best piece… The turkey ass

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