Space Jam

Space Jam

This week on At Least You Tried Jonathan and Cat sat down and watched the 90s classic(?) Space Jam. We got up and slammed and were then welcomed to the jam.

For a movie that everyone remembers so fondly this film is definitely not without it’s flaws. Why is Lola bunny so sexualized in the movie? Why are there multiple references to movies like Pulp Fiction that kids would never catch? and why is the main villain of the movie, played by Danny DeVito 54th billed on IMDB?!

Also in this episode
– Why you should never look too hard at still frames of a movie
– Daffy Duck is Cat’s inner monologue
– Cat catches on that Michael Jordan‘s movie dog has a clever pun name

All this and more on this week’s episode of At Least You Tried…

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