When you’re a kid you see everything through rose tinted glasses. The world is wonderful and full of cherished memories waiting to be made. It’s only when we revisit them as adults that we can see things for how they truly are: few are gems, some are decent, but most…. most are mediocre and forgettable. This is case with Kazaam.

We decided it was time we revisit Shaquille O’Neal‘s brief stint as an actor/ rapper and god was it painful. Is it possible for Max to be a bigger pain in the ass to every other character in the movie? (It isn’t) How does “I’d like junk food from here to the sky!” translate to raining hamburgers up to your knees? and more importantly how exactly do you “Green eggs and ham it”?

Join us this week on At Least You Tried as we forget the troubles of the outside world and get lost in some trash for awhile

Side note: If you want to scare yourself check out how Francis Capra, who played Max, looks now

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