Invisible Child

This week on At Least You Tried we venture into the often baffling world of Lifetime made for TV movies with quite possibly the craziest one of them all, a little film called Invisible Child. This movie is the loving story of your average American family: Father, mother, son, daughter…. and other invisible daughter that exists solely in the mom’s imagination.

Why did Victor Garber‘s character not immediately has his wife committed when she claimed to have this invisible child? On some level does Rita Wilson‘s character know she’s crazy? and does this movie share a cinematic universe with Scott Pilgrim vs the world?

Join us this week as we indulge in this made for TV masterpiece.

(A quick side note: Weren’t Lifetime movies usually about some social issue of the day, like alcoholic spouses or pill addiction? Where did this one come from? Was there a rash of cases of women with imaginary children?)

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