Well we all knew it was bound to happen eventually…. Tonight the gang bit the bullet and we watched Tori’s pick for “Best of the worst” month: Monkeybone.

This movie is the new bar for painful movie watching experiences. How could Henry Selick, the director of amazing films like The nightmare before Christmas and Coraline, put out garbage like this? It should have been a red flag to us that this movie was awful after seeing Chris Kattan was a major character in it but nay we ignored that and pushed forward.

Why is America so crazy over a cartoon about monkey character that appears after a kid gets an erection? Why is this cartoon aimed at kids at all? ¬†Why is Julie so quick to believe that her boyfriend is possessing dead Chris Kattan? Is Miss Kitty the only redeemable part of this movie, and seriously what has happened to Brendan Fraser‘s career?

Misery loves company so please join us as we torture ourselves with the finale to “Best of the worst” month: Monkeybone.

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