Nazi face melt

Top 5 Practical Effects

This week Jonathan and Anthony sat down and discussed their picks for top 5 practical effects. Is the art of practical effects and animatronics dead with the dawn of computer graphics? What examples of practical effects will stand the test of time? What movies today still put the time and effort into crafting practical effects?

Jonathan’s List

5) Head explosion scene from Scanners
4) T-Rex jeep attack from Jurassic Park
3) Nazi face melt from Raiders of the lost ark
2) Levitating up the walls/ Blood fountain bed from A nightmare on Elm Street
1) Chest bursting alien from Alien

Anthony’s List

5) Morgue tech’s death from Friday the 13th: The final chapter
4) Audrey II from Little shop of horrors
3) Tar man from Return of the living dead
2) Captain Rhodes death from Day of the dead
1) The fly transformation from David Cronenberg’s The Fly

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