Top 5 Badass Characters

For this episode of At Least You Tried Jonathan, Anthony, and Jake sat down and discussed their lists for “Top 5 Badass Characters”. What makes a character badass? Is it having muscles for days, ones ability to keep cool under pressure, or maybe just an unspoken quality that makes you go “Damn, I wish I were them”?

Authors Note: This is our first episode with NEW AND IMPROVED AUDIO. Our first few episodes suffered from some audio difficulties (Jonathan didn’t set up the mic correctly) but from here on out it should sound MUCH better

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The Purge

This week as part of our 2 episode pilot the gang decided to release the beast and watch The Purge

As we sat down to the watered down home invasion film many questions arose, such as: What happens to the bodies after the purge? Is Little Skrillex out to screw over his family? and could they really not find anyone better than Ethan Hawke to be the lead (Nick Cage perhaps)? Come Join us as we search for the answers and make the new founding fathers proud.

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Top 5 Tales from the crypt episodes

This week Jonathan and Anthony sit down and discuss their top 5¬†favorite episodes of HBOs Tales from the crypt, what made the show stand the test of time, and the future of the show in it’s newest incarnation.

Jonathan’s List

5) And all through the house S1 E2
4) Carrion Dead S3 E2
3) Yellow S3 E14
2) Abra Cadaver S3 E4
Top pick: Cutting Cards S2 E3

Anthony’s List

5) The man who was death S1 E1
4) ‘Till Death S2 E4
3) Top Billing S3 E5
2) Fitting Punishment S2 E12
Top pick: Television Terror S2 E16


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